Monday, April 12, 2004
1:47:00 AM
well saturday night i went out to western to see some people. i walked into holli's room at some point and some crazy ass show was on. at first i hated it because it weirded me out... it's called Cirque du Soleil. after watching it all night and day since it was Cirque Weekend on BRAVO, i think it's my favorite show ever, well maybe not but it's saweet. it's pretty much a television series that draws inspiration from film, situation comedy, burlesque theatre, circus acts, and cirque du soleil's live shows. if you want to see some truly amazing crap, watch it... i've done most of the work for you and found when it's on, so there are no excuses. it's on a lot. click right here --> o <-- to see when it's on. DO IT.

also, i went disc golfing for the first time this weekend. not a bad little sport they've got goin here. what's better then throwing a round disc at some chains? nothing. plus, you get a little bit of exercise while enjoying the outdoors. i guess i didn't do too bad for my first time. shot a +5. woohoo!

tigers won again. that's spectacular! it's been a while since the tigers have done this well. about 20 years actually. kinda wishing a little early, but i hope they make it a little closer to winning that damn pennant. like maybe the world series? better buy some tickets right now... don't say i didnt warn ya.

easter wasn't too bad... other then the fact that my parents freekin went to cancun without me. so not only did i not get to go with them, i had no easter basket filled with jelly beans and assorted chocolates. i got a gift certificate for amazon, but whats the fun in that?

so i've decided that i'm going to quit smoking cigarettes, well not right this second, but slowly ease off.. you know the whole step down thing. there's just too many reason to not smoke, where as little to no reasons why i should keep smoking. so what's the point? lobster!

whats brown and sticky? a stick. i suppose that is all for now.

Thursday, April 08, 2004
3:42:00 AM
what better to do when you're extremely bored then to write on this thing... well there are a lot of activities that would be better than this, but 99% of those activities would require standing up and moving away from the couch.. and thats negative fun and energy. so standing up would make the fun meter below zero already... walking would reduce that alittle also. there arent too many exciting thing to do in this apartment, so the fun added to the meter from the activity would raise up to zero, or maybe a .4... which is why i choose to just sit here, because that's just too much complication.

i have a special gift here for all you people. here we have:
the top 5 things harter hates...

5. Those damn marijuana commercials (I've only shot my friend once while high)
4. The plastic shit on the outside of cd's and dvd's (i can never get that shit off)
3. Quotes that people put in their aol info (none of you are really that deep)
2. PIGGIES (5-0, bacon, po-po, the fuzz)
1. People who ride their bikes on the road as if they were in a car...

...that really pisses me off.

my comments on these...
5. the one about jv girls swimming "we need a swimmer for lane 4" blah blah... just tell your team you couldnt make it to the race because you were getting stoned... bullony. first off, who cares about girls swimming (besides kris) anyway? second, its JV..
4. who doesnt hate this crap?
3. so true...
2. well i've never really gotten in trouble, so that sucks matt...
1. matt, just use the bar... bonk!

well i guess thats it for the night. feel free to comment on thing you hate... get pissed...

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
9:54:00 PM
ok jon and i were just talking about deakin's hot or not pic... which brings up the question, why does deakin have one on there anyway? some way or another, he managed a lousy 8.3.

"you know, that's not a bad picture of him," jon said...

i don't really have much to say to that except... inverted.

the red wings won the first game of this years playoffs tonight. the tigers pulled off a voctory tonight, making them 3-0 so far this year...prolly the best they've done in about 34 years.

8:03:00 AM
saved by the bell's over... miss bliss won best teacher in the state of indiana. nice work. but i'm gonna go sleep, not really feeling too good. pz

6:45:00 AM
well, i just put this thing together, so i might as well start postin. let me catch you up on the last few weeks of my life.

actually i'm gonna jump back a little further than that... i moved out of my parental unit's house about a month and a half ago for a few reasons- 1. i was sick of a lot of their crapo 2. they have two foreign exchange students, one from france (the kid weirds me out), and the other is from brazil (pretty cool actually, can hold a convo with her). i moved into my friend jon's apartment with him in canton. i live in the closet... woohoo. imagine having your bedroom be the same size as a single matress, with a few inches on the side for your clock radio. i actually like it, i was never in my room at my parents' house anyway.

lets see... i have 2 jobs. i work at johnny d's chicken & ribs in pinckney, and at papa romano's down the road by the apt. i deliver at both jobs. for all you people in pinckney, order from johnny d's and get it delivered... especially on sundays, tuesdays and fridays (the nights i work). even with the 2 jobs, for some reason i cant seem to save up any money. go figure. i think i have a problem with just buying stuff for no reason... is there a cure for that? bleh.

i'm not in school right now... i went to western last fall. currently, im just takin a break, and raising some money for more school since i have to pay for it myself (sucks)... that and i didnt pass any classes... go me. i'll be going to schoolcraft in livonia this fall, and i'm thinkin that after this summer, which will be frickin saweet, i'll have my crap together and can actually do some homework and go to class and all that stuff i shoulda done last fall.

anywho, its almost 7 in the morning... and we all know what that means. back to back episodes of saved by the bell on tbs, follow by a good (usually) movie. i leave you with this statement... walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you critisize them, that way when you critisize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. think about that...

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